Poker Blogs Keep American Players Informed About Gambling Laws

Mar 18/07

Player power is helping blogs spring up all over the internet , determined to keep players informed of how they can player poker online.

Since the recent poker ban took effect in the US it has been a struggle for poker players to carry on playing.

Many of the well-known poker rooms have pulled out of the American market, leaving players a much harder job finding the right poker site for them.

Secondly, once you have found a room, you need to fund your account.

Most players fund their account using an eWallet, usually Neteller. However, Neteller pulled out of the market last week, leaving a gaping hole.

It is very confusing for US based players, as they attempt to find a way to play online, and with the outlook changing regularly, many have been using online blogs such as to keep them informed.

This blog has just updated its list of rooms accepting US players and has just added a new comprehensive guide to show newcomers to eWallets exactly how to fund your account using one of these eWallets.

This blog has been running since the ban took effect, and has strived to keep up-to-date with all its info and provide unbiased information on all poker rooms which accept US players.

Blog Owner Randy Parkes has himself personally played at all the rooms recommended by the site and has deposited and withdrawn money from a US based account at all mentioned sites.

He also has plans to expand the blog, so it becomes a fully working website, with strategy guides and forums, although the blog format makes it easier for him to keep the site updated with the latest news from the US poker world.