Poker Terms


In Multi-Table Tournaments, this is a feature that enables Players to purchases more chips during the tournament



This is the name that other Players in the Multi-Player environment know you by.


This is when a Player does not have enough chips to cover the full bet amount, and places their remaining chips into the pot. The Player then contends for the pot in an amount proportional to what they contributed. The game play that continues among other Players is put into a side pot. The All-In Player has no share in this pot.

Players may be considered All-In when they are disconnected from the Multi-Player Casino during the play of a hand, depending on certain criteria. This is to ensure that they are not penalized when disconnected.

All-In Protection

This is the protection afforded to you when you are disconnected from the Multi-Player Casino. When you return to the game, you contend for the pot in an amount proportional to what you contributed. All-In protection for disconnection is limited to prevent abuse.


This is the status of a Scheduled Tournament, when the tournament is open for registration.


This is the first bet posted by each Player before cards are dealt. Antes are set by the House and vary with the game stakes.

Bet Limits

Bet limits establish the minimum and maximum amounts of chips that Players can bet. For example, in a $10 / $20 game, the minimum bet limit is $10 and the maximum bet limit is $20.

Big Blind

This is the first bet posted by the Player to the left of the Player that posts the small blind. It is a forced bet. The big blind bet amount is equal to the minimum bet limit. For example, in a $10 - $20 game, the big blind is $10.

Big Pair

This is a Pair with a value of 10 or greater.

Blind Bet

This is the first bet placed by each Player. It is a forced bet and is placed before any cards are dealt. It is considered a live bet for the first round of betting. There are big blind and small blind bets in the first round of betting.


This occurs when Players leave the table during a tournament game. In their absence they are still charged the blind bet amount for each round of betting.

Bonus Hand Promotion

This is a specific poker hand number that has a bonus prize linked to it.

Bounty Tournament

A tournament where prizes are awarded for eliminating other Players. Note: A Player is considered eliminated if they go all-in and lose.


This is a mandatory bet made by the Player with the lowest card by value showing in the first betting round of Stud games. Note: If there is more than one Player with the same card value the Lowest Card rule applies.


This is the number of chips required to join a game or tournament.


This is when you place a number of chips in the pot equal to another Player's bet.


This is the limit for bets and raises in Fixed-Limit games. For most games the cap is one bet and three raises - a total of four bets.

Cash Out

This is when you want to take your chips out of the Multi-Player Casino.


This is when you want to stay in a game but do not want to place a bet. You can only check if no other bets have been placed in the betting round.


This is when a Player checks and then raises in a betting round.

Chip Dumping

This is when a Player deliberately loses hands until all their chips are passed to a partner Player.


This is when Players chat about a hand they are involved in, with the intent of misleading or manipulating other



This is when Players form partnerships with the intent of defrauding other Players. For example, Players may signal their hand to their partner Players, so that the best hand is played.

Community Cards

These are cards that are dealt to the table. All Players use these cards to complete a five-card hand.